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[02 Oct 2007|12:38pm]
Ultimate proof that I am THE raunchiest bitch ever.

Today, in Satire, I peed. I peed so much. I just peed and peed and peed. It pooled up in my seat and got all frothy... It sprinkled on the floor like rain. I sent a golden stream of humility all 'round the room. What does one do in this situation? Well, I raised my hand and said, "You are all going to make fun of me, but I just peed my pants. Please laugh at me, it would be weird if you didn't." Then I started to laugh. Oh. Dear. God.

I went home.

So, how do I feel about this incident?
Well, you could say that I am mildly embarrassed... who wouldn't be? But I am more so ready to take this on as humorously as I can. It is less awkward if you can't laugh.
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[27 Aug 2007|12:38am]
What's up, dudes? I can't fucking sleep. Yarrrg.

It is almost time for school again. Senior year. WTFFF. I don't think I am ready to start being an adult just yet.
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WTF I AM ALIVE [07 Aug 2007|10:53pm]
[ mood | satified to some extent ]

So... for the past few months I have been sans computer. It broke. It was dead. I was bored. But now I have returned. With an iMAC. Which is REALLY confusing me. I can't right click??? I dunno. There is much figuring out to be done.

In the time that has passed since I last updated... I suppose not too much went on. Me + Anthony = Super. I have a super job. Um... I had mono but now I am better... (not super). Aaaaand..... I totally met all of Coheed and Cambria the other day at Warped Tour. That was fucking sweet. I am still basking in the glow of meeting the glorious Claudio Sanchez.

Feels awfully good to be back on the internet.

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[04 May 2007|01:10am]
[ mood | lol ]


Anthony is a good boyfriend, yo. I like him.

I ate 6 bagels today. My belly was SO INFLATED. It was kind of incredible. I seriously looked prego.. cause the rest of me is normal sized.. but my tummy was WOAH. I threw up a couple times. Hopefully it looks a little smaller now.

It's kind of late... ya know.. for a school night. I feel more productive at night. I normally just sit around during the day... but once it gets dark I can find motivation! I write. I clean. I paint. What up with that?

Do any of you comprehend how much I love music? So many people say that, but how many mean it? I love it so fucking much. When someone says that they do not listen to music, I just stare at them like they are insane. There are certain songs I hear that just flood my body with their own particular indescribable feelings. They bring me back to certain times. They spin memories. Some music is so beautiful, I can hardly handle myself. Sometimes I cry! Is the song sad? Maybe sometimes... but the tears crome from a place inside of me that is just so incredibly grateful for these marvelous sounds.

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OMG, A real update? [01 May 2007|09:59pm]
Today was a good day.

School, blah. After school, paddleball. After paddleball, DISASTER! (almost)

I was driving back to Anthony's with Katie and my steering belt thingy like.. popped off and I coulnd't turn. My dad eventually found his way over there and kinda fixed it. After KAtie's mom picked her up me and The Kneecap wanted to go out. So his mom let me borrow her car! WHAT? I know. It was wierd. We went to the skating rink, but it was closed for freakin hockey dudes. So we went were any other Jersey kids would.. to the mall. My home away from home.. We ate ice cream. After the mall we went back to his house and hung around. Guitar-playing makes me.. giddy. Yep. After all the chilling I had to leave. There was this.. flash-flood, torrential downpour thunderstorm thing going on. We shared a lovely kiss in the rain. Twas like a scene from a movie. I liked it.

I've packed on like.. 6 pounds in the past couple weeks. I feel like a heffer. I need to drop it...

Uh huh..
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[23 Apr 2007|10:08pm]

Kettle corn is my favorite food.
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[07 Apr 2007|10:38pm]

I quit my job today. Forget what I said about liking it the other day. I was talking out of my ass. HAHAHAHAHA. Fucking fascist torture chamber.
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Where have I been? [04 Apr 2007|05:39pm]
WOAH. I am never on the computer anymore... I just work and sleep all the time.

Hmmm.. what's new...???

Well, I don't really hate work anymore. I have bonded with coworkers, so now it is tolerable..
Um.. I lost some weight...
I have a new little man-toy/Junior prom date. He's a total cutie. Mhmmmm.
I have completed the entire series of Six Feet Under. I can die happy now...

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[21 Feb 2007|10:37pm]
I have pretty much up and left my computer for Guitar Hero. The hours that would have been spent here on the internet are now spent ripping up on the Playstation. Haaaa. It's so super fun. You have no idea.

OH MAN. So, Saturday Jen, Katie, Vanessa, Marina, and myself trucked on over to Monster Mania '07. It was neato. We weren't in time to meet anyone... Although Sid Haig and Gunnar Hansen did walk past me... I bought a lot of cool stuff.

I feel really dumb compared to my friends. They are a lot better than me in school. I guesss I am not that dumb. My rank is 46 out of 443. THAT IS ONLY THREE PEOPLE AWAY FROM THE TOP TEN PERCENT. GAAAARG. I will get there. GPA is 3.42. All of that includes the D- that I got in Algebra, so this semester and next year are looking like I could manage all sorts of As and maybe a couple Bs. Then my statistics will look better. Mhhmmm.

What do I care? Me and Jen are just going to live the American Dream on a rowboat in the middle of the stream, anyways. Hurhurhurha.

I AM SUCH A PORKER. I want to loose 15lbs so bad. But... I keep eating all of the chocolate that crosses my path. Chocolate good. S'ok. Me and Katie are gonna be atheletes soon enough.
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[09 Feb 2007|03:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Elton John is fucking amazing. If someone insults Elton John, they insult me.

I'm actually in a good mood! For the first time in forever.

You should all go see Pan's Labyrinth. Right now.

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[01 Feb 2007|08:20pm]
[ mood | Gravy stones. ]

NEW SEMESTER = MUCH JOY (except for the loss of McLaughlin)

THE ONLYE CLASS I HAVE IS ENGLISH. And English is a total breeze for me. Other than that... Art Major continues, followed by gym, finished by G&T. Booty Cakes is back in business. It is so super. And Poopsie has the exact same things as me. We are like one disgusting entity that frightens all of our peers. Not gay.

OH MAN. I have been listeing to so much Cream and Beach Boys. SO MUCH. I love them both a lot. A LOT.

In other news, still fat and depressed. Hahahaha.

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[29 Jan 2007|08:04pm]



I need to lose 20 pounds.

And tell my mom about Tetris.

And find a man. I am just so lonely. So very, very lonely. I am just ultra super duper sick of the world right now. The only place I find men who are attractive is SoHo. I shall go down there and catch one with a fishing rod and make him take me to prom. I am a dumb little lady. WHAT AM I GONNA DO? ARRRG. I want to go somewhere and start a fresh new life. Fuckerss. ARRRRRRGGG.

OHHH. And to put the rotten cherry on top of the shit-heap cake, they took Conan off of the ondemand menu. Now what am I supposed to do with myself? I HAVE NO FAITH LEFT IN ME. Not without you, Conan. I guess I'll have to stay up very late every night...
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[18 Jan 2007|10:36pm]
[ mood | fat ]

I've been a poor LiveJournal-er lately... I just do not spend as much time on the computer as I used to. Yep.

I wish I had a reason to do a nice long post and really sum up my life right now. But.. I don't feel like it. Maybe tomorrow.

So I'll just stick with the ultra-lame "What Happened Today" stuff...

Um.. I went to an Elementary School with some other artsies and we painted whymsical pictures on the walls to teach the kids good manners. Like.. baseballs that said "please" and "thank you" on them. They were kinda crappy. However, 5 years olds aren't in the least judgemental, so they dug it. That made me happy. Then I came home.. and watched Friends for a while. And ate craisins. That's it.

Oooh. I also bought Tetris on my phone today. I got the unlimited thing.. it was $7.99.. my mumsy will probably yell at me. She's silly.

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[16 Jan 2007|12:34am]
I am so fucking lonely. I really, really hate it. I feel like another species.

I am very sad. All day long. Except when I eat. And that's why I'm fat.
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[07 Jan 2007|10:33pm]
[ mood | nipples ]

I am very frugal. But I can't hold on to money once I have it. I'm cheap, but I have to spend as soon as I earn. I have gotten a paycheck like... 4 times already. Every time, I have spent it ALL within 48 hours. I picked up my chack on Friday. I cashed it in on Saturday. $292.88. Over half was gone by the end of the night and I finished it off before 1:00PM today. But I'm not a careless spender. I stretch it out and spend it well. I dunno. I wish I had a better paying job. I want to start saving up for a lap top. I figured it out today.. If a was going to purchase one that was roughly $800, it would take me around 6 months to save for it (provided I keep getting schedualed for ONE lousy day a week... each check will be about $75.. and that's without taking taxes and gas money into account). Oi. I need cash. Anyone need me to mow their lawn? Ah, well.

So, along with clothes and food and gas and reparations, I bouth three super fly CDs. Cream, Talking Heads, and The Band. They're sweet. I really dig them.


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[07 Jan 2007|03:25pm]

Tyyyylerrrr fixed the computer! HOORAY.

Ready for me with short hair? KENYA HANDLE IT?

Not that excitingCollapse )
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[30 Dec 2006|03:06pm]
Will someone explain to me how this is news?Collapse )
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[22 Dec 2006|11:57pm]
I'm a fucking moron.

Ahhhhh, sitting down is a nice thing. Don't take it for granted.
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[22 Dec 2006|12:14am]
My computer is a big fat gaywad. It is all infected and such.. Prolly cause my brothers look at porn. Uggg. It needs to ge better so I can get my stuff done.

I've been working a lot this week. I hope my paycheck turns out to be decent. I still have so much crap to buy. SO MUCH. Rawr. I feel like I am turning into a raisin.

Wackyness in the mall today. Ms. Fasciale was shopping in my store. I saw Tim in CVS. I saw a gaggle of Cortez folk and some cripples, too. It was neat.

I NEED TO MAKE AN ART MEMORY BOOK LIKE NOW. So Jen... pick up some "found objects" for me so I can get crackin. I shall start drawing neato people today. Jen is the only person who knows what I am talking about.

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[15 Dec 2006|11:34pm]
Toyday I realized that I love The Beach Boys.

ALSO. I totally did register for the first time today. I was scared I would fuck everything up.. or my Jew senses would get the better of me and I'd just run out of the store with all the cash... but I was good. Three times I accidentally left the censors on people's things. And once.. illegedly, I gave someone $60 instead of $67.20 as change. I didn't argue it in the store... because Libras like myself avoid conflict.. but I am pretty damn sure I AT LEAST gave that lady the 20 centes. I admit, I may have forgotten the $7 (although I doubt it) but I reallty think I gave her a couple dimes. ALAS. A newish girl I'd never met before was in today. Her name is Melissa. She is very energetic and nice. And she likes Coheed. I like her.

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