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parmesan dingle crack

13 October
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I wish I had legs.
america's next top model, ani difranco, art, astrology, babies, bad breath, becky, beetlejuice, being stupid, ben & jerry's, big fat fatties, bill mosely, billy joel, blacklights, brian peppers, candles, candy, captain jean luc picard, captain planet, cheech and chong, classic rock, conan o'brien, cookies, cooking, creedence clearwater revival, crunchy groove, csny, dead hooker bones, deep sea fish, desperate housewives, eating, elton john, fargo, fat old men, fat people, fiber optic lamps, fight club, fishies, food, forrest gump, funny accents, gay fuel, ghosts, gore, grateful dead, grooving, hammer time, harry potter, hemp, hippies, homestar runner, ice cream, incense, indiana jones, iron chef, jack johnson, jam bands, jethro tull, jews, john lennon, keller williams, lava lamps, lazy town, led zeppelin, love, meat, mexico, moe., money, monk, monty python, movies, mud, music, musicals, my puppies, nature, negroes, neil young, not bathing, peace, perpendicular teeth, phish, pilates, pink floyd, poop, psychedelia, raising arizona, rent, rob zombie, roller coasters, salad fingers, simon & garfunkel, snow!, south park, space, star wars, sublime, tacos, teeth, that '70s show, the allman brothers, the beatles, the big lebowski, the eagles, the marx brothers, the nightmare before christmas, the princess bride, the rolling stones, the shawshank redemption, the steve miller band, the talking heads, the who, tim, tim burton, tom petty, tuna, tunes, turtles, tyra banks, ugly faces, unibrows, west side story, winter, wonder showzen, yellow submarine, yin yang, ytmnd.com, zodiac